Ribeye steak house is proud to present: 300 – 400 days corn fed, grade 8+ Wagyu. This produces intense marbling, outstanding quality and incomparable flavour. Fully traceable from farm to fork, The Ribeye Steakhouse Wagyu is a connoisseur’s delight.

Aberdeen Angus

When 28 days is not enough, we go the extra mile!
35 days dry aged sourced from Scotland’s award-winning AA farmers, we are privileged to offer you the best beef from the UK.
Celebrated for being tender with succulent subtle flavours.


Creekstone Beef was created with a sole purpose:
To supply the highest quality meat.
To satisfy the connoisseur’s palate and produce flavoursome, tender and highly marbled meat.

Our Story

Since 2017, we have been striving to display the grandeur of our ambitions by presenting you with award winning food. Ribeye showcases an exquisite cuisine, derived from authentic ingredients from around the world. Prepared by some of the finest chefs, you are guaranteed an unforgettable experience.

Opening Hours

Monday 5-10:30PM
Tuesday 5-10:30PM
Wednesday 5-10:30PM
Thursday 5-10:30PM
Friday 4-11PM
Saturday 4-11PM
Sunday 4-10PM


Christmas menus are available now for groups of over 8 guests