Our Story


When the owners of Ribeye began their journey many years ago, their vision was to bring forward a premium dining experience for those who had never had the opportunity to experience this before in Manchester. They fulfilled that vision with their first restaurant and now they begin again with a blank canvas and even higher aspirations to bring award winning food to a generation which desires luxury, innovation, creativity and excitement.

Ribeye Steakhouse was conceptualised back in 2017 and our greatest challenge has been to find a space where we can showcase the grandeur of our ambitions. Having now found our home within the bustling and dynamic First Street complex, our efforts have been concentrated on ensuring that we only offer the best quality ingredients prepared and served by the finest chefs who have worked in some of the best restaurants around.

Put simply, Ribeye Steakhouse is the steak connoisseur’s choice.

The restaurant bases its philosophy on ‘Its All About The Food’ and pays homage to the very best beef from not only around the world but also our own shores. We have procured the best meats internationally.